The Weiner Family Wimpel

It was just the beginning...


Seen above is the central embroidered image flanked by the traditional Hebrew wimpel prayer. The Weiner wimpel was created by request of the family to be used to bind the Torah Scroll owned by the family.

The English translation includes details for the Fine/Weiner family.

“May G-d bless these brothers, Ben(jamin) and Akiva (Kenneth) of Mishpachat Weiner, who were presented with a Torah Scroll by their mother, Leah Weiner (Leah Rivkah bar Sarga), to honor the memory of their beloved father, Aaron Weiner (Aharon Mordechai ben Shalom) in the year of 1939/5700. May G-d raise their family to (the study of) Torah (marriage under the) Chuppah and the performance of good deeds. Amen selah. (Amen forever and forever)”


Wimpel M'Dor L'Dor

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