The Second Fishbein Family Wimpel

When the original family wimpel, created in 1996, was lost, it was critical to provide a replacement, in order to carry on the custom. The second wimpel was inspired by the concept that all flows from Torah and thus the roots and trunk symbol was designed around the word Torah within the prayer. The word Mishpochah, or family, was designed with the branches that extend from that tree and the Fishbein name included the drawing of leaves and acorns, symbolizing growth and the fruit of the Torah. Within each of the family member names, the acorn symbol is included. Clearly, this family finds its strength and meaning in life directly from the torah.


Current updating includes the addition of the eldest daughter's husband's name.

To date there are 6 additions to the family of Ovadia Jacob and Leila Fishbein Jacob. Each name is carefully inscribed on the Fishbein family wimpel near their parents’ names.


The youngest daughter, Maya Eliana,  was honored with this new wimpel's binding of the Torah scroll at the occasion of her Bat Mitzvah. All information regarding her simcha was duly noted on the wimpel, along with reference to its first binding.

Fast forward to this last year, 2014/5773, Maya was married to Jordan Bass, from Chicago. His name was added to the family wimpel.


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