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Wimpel Samples Shown at a Meeting


These pictures were taken at a meeting for the Sacramento Jewish Genealogical Society. Bonnie Kaplan was invited to speak and show some of the wimpelin that she had made. The wimpel with the children’s photos flanking the ends of the fabric, was created for a young couple, Monica Cheron and Scott Shapiro, prior to their wedding. Their concept was articulated to represent their evolvement from childhood to the time of their union by marriage. A chosen Torah Scroll was bound with this wimpel, to be presented at the couples Auf Ruf. Coincidentally, the central words of the wimpel prayer, Ha Shem, fell in the exact middle of the length of their wimpel fabric, thus enriching the concept. Monica elected to ink in the Hebrew letters and chose the variety of colors we see. To date, the names of their two children are to be noted on their wimpel.

Photograph to the left:

Top: Wimpel for Rachel Kaplan

Middle: Wimpel for Ari Taff

Bottom: Wimpel for Scott Shapiro and Monica Cheron

Bonnie Kaplan displays several wimpelin that she sewed and designed for families in the Sacramento Jewish community.

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