The Pimstone Family

This wimpel was created for Dr. Neville Pimstone, Fay Pimstone, their three sons, Gregory, Kevin and Daniel and their daughter, Deborah. Bonnie Kaplan designed it in a contemporary style, per request of Fay.  Fay elected to limit the color scheme to black, blue and a variety of  metallic colors. Their wimpel (as seen in picture top left) has had simcha history added since its inception, July 9,1999, with the first Torah binding  in honor of Kevin’s marriage to Lisa Satzman. The marriages of the three remaining adult children and the births of grandchildren have since been recorded in chosen locations that relate to the central prayer. The bottom picture shows Neville and Fay, along with their youngest son, Daniel, binding the Torah scrolls on Thursday afternoon, to be read from on the following Shabbat at Mosaic Law Congregation Sacramento, Ca. Rabbi Reuven Taff assists with the ceremony as well as embellishes the occasion with meaningful words of inspiration. Wimpel statistics of all of the Pimstone children and their spouses have been annotated after each occasion.


This is one of those wimpelin, created in the Sacramento community, that has evolved along with its families’ growth, and as such, exemplifies its value as a tool within the family. With each wrapping of the Torah scroll, a sense of symbolically bringing the noted individuals to their Judaic roots and identity, reinforces the concept of Torah teachings as the central theme in their family life.

Hebrew words…”maasim tovim. Amen…” along with images of a double chamsa and paternal grandfathers’ tefillin, both special to the Pimstone family.

This is a graphic image of the Temple with statistics of all of the Pimstone children and their spouses annotated after each occasion.

Display of the Pimstone family wimpel encircling the wedding cake of Daniel, their youngest son, and Shelly on their wedding, July 6, 2002.

Section of the family wimpel with the names

 of their adult children, each including their

astrological birth sign symbol.

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