Cunningham Mandel Wedding

Leah Miriam and Melekh Oz under the Chuppah

The Cunningham and Mandel Families

Celebrate with the couple


Parents wrap the Wimpel about the couple to symbolically

send  them off with best wishes for their future together.

(Marc Mandel, Elizabeth Mandel, Ryan Cunningham,

Lindsey Mandel and Julianaa Satie)





Elizabeth Rodman-Mandel reads the prayer to the wedding attendees  in English as it is designed and inscribed in Hebrew calligraphy on the Wimpel.



Mandel-Cunningham Wimpel


     May G-d bless this family Rodman-Mandel, Ben–Chayil Ben Moshe and Elisheva Chanah Bat Yermiahu Ha

     Kohen, with their daughters Tamar Hannah, Michal Leah and Leah Miriam. The family gathers together in

     celebration of the marriage of Leah Miriam and Melekh Oz on 16 Sivan 5774. May G-d assist them with Torah

     (Jewish learning), Chuppah (to live a Jewish life) and Maasim tovim (with the performance of good deeds).

     Amen Selah. (Amen, forever and forever.)

     June 14, 2014, Malibu, CA


Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Cunningham


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