Jamie Arenson

Dr. David and Fiona Arenson, Jamie’s mother and father, requested that her wimpel include reference to family history and culture. The ‘family tree’ image at the beginning of the design is drawn with this in mind, symbolically sending Jamie into her future with a generational sense of identity. As both her maternal and paternal families were reared in South Africa, notation is made along with previous European history. Small beads are sewn into the branches of the tree, taken from native beadwork originating in South Africa. The photograph of Jamie is set within her wimpel prayer. Her prayer reads as follows:

May G-d bless this young woman, Chaya, the daughter of David and Fruma, who was born, with good luck, on 21, Tevet, 5749 in Sacramento, California. May Ha Shem raise her to (the knowledge of) Torah, (a Jewish life) with marriage under the Chuppah and the (continuance of doing) good deeds. Amen selah.

In order to more easily secure the wimpel after wrapping the Torah scroll, ties are sewn to the end.

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