"We have used the wimpel at 4 family Bar Mitzvahs and will use it again at a Bat Mitzvah in September. There are many more Bar/Bat Mitzvahs to follow." ~Shari Fine

“Our Pimstone family wimpel has been utilized for every simcha since its creation in Sacramento, California, July 9, 1999. It has been updated with details of the specific occasion before using it to bind one of our Congregations’ Torah scrolls. Simchot include four second generation B’Nai Mitzvot and four weddings.  Third generation events include births (naming or brit milah) and dedications of new homes (Chanukat ha Bayit) with the placement of their family mezuzah.” "Our family simchot, without the ritual use of our wimpel would feel like celebrating Pesach without performing the Seder.”  ~ Dr. and Mrs. Neville Pimstone

“Steven and I felt the wimpel brought a strong tradition of Judaism and family to our ceremony. The fact that it is something that can be handed down through the generations makes it even more special to us.” ~Steven Melnick/Melissa Burton