Tova’s Bat Mitzvah was special in more ways than the ordinary ‘rite of passage’ would suggest. She was honored to carry the torch of Judah Maccabbee to defend her place as a young Jewish woman in celebration of Chanukah. Enjoyment of the simcha with family and friends took place at Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School on Sunday, December 21, 2003. A personal Torah binder, known as a wimpel, was given to Tova and represents her continuing alignment with Jewish learning. This unique German Jewish folk religious custom founded in the 1600’s includes, within the traditional prayer, the recording of the chronological Judaic experiences of Tova’s life. An original design, inked on fabric running nearly 8 feet, presents notation of each simcha. The celebration of her Bat Mitzvah by her parents, Ron and Cora Bieler and siblings, Lane, Ari, Josh and Brie have been duly noted. Tova and her parents were honored to receive the wimpel, designed by Bonnie Kaplan, an source on the subject of the wimpel as a Torah binder. The family was delighted in sharing this simcha with friends and family alike.