On August 29, 1992, three generations display Rachel's Wimpel during her Bat Mitzvah service. It was originally created 13 years prior and presented to the Mosaic Law Congregation at the time of her birth. Left to right: Bernice Levin McFarland, grandmother, Bonnie Jean Kaplan, mother, Rachel Liorah Miller Kaplan, Bat Mitzvah

Look what's been happening at Wimpel M'Dor L'Dor!

     Families that have wimpelin in their collection of Judaic tools have begun to add design to their piece. More importantly, it now includes family history. Their wimpelin has become their family tree. Recently, wimpelin designs have been constructed from the onset with the mission to preserve history and chronology for future generations. The details have included countries of origin, along with marriage and death statistics.

Can you imagine binding the Torah with your family history while celebrating a Simcha. The date of that binding is added, thus keeping your family tool alive.

Examples of both can be seen in the site photo gallery