Definition of a Wimpel:

A wimpel is a personalized Torah binder, designed and created for an individual, couple, family or organization at the time of birth, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, wedding or conversion. It is designed to be used for binding the Torah Scroll in celebration of any Simcha or Life Cycle event. A record of chronological events in the life of a Jewish individual, couple, family or organization completes it's purpose.


  • We invite you to contact us and ask about this curious custom. Ask about the emotional and spiritual cohesiveness provided to a family when gathering personal data and the discovery of their genealogical connections with other family members.
  • Inquire about the over 365-year-old history of the wimpel.
  • Learn how the wimpel became one of the few Jewish links in a broken family that later secured the identity of a young college coed.
  • Be inspired to hear how a wimpel, that was thought to have been destroyed by the Holocaust, found its way to Israel and its owner. by the identification of one clue in the inscription of the date of its first Torah binding.
  • Research about a Bat Mitzvah Torah-binding service and how the use of this tool for celebration enhanced this life cycle event.
  • Be encouraged to share your experiences in meaningful celebration. Each Jew has a story to tell. You might even be inspired to add your wimpel story for others to enjoy.


As you will see, the saga of the Wimpel demonstrates the concrete meaning of a folk custom. This uniquely designed strip of fabric accompanies one through their history with each celebrated and inscribed life cycle event. The inscribed prayer includes the blessing to study Torah/Jewish culture, marry under the Chuppah/create a Jewish home and to perform good deeds.