The Halimi-Pollack family requested the creation of a wimpel for their daughter, Toviah, to commemorate the occasion of her Bat Mitzvah. At the Torah wrapping ceremony, her wimpel was presented to her immediate family. On the Shabbat of her Bat Mitzvah, February 16, 2002, her wimpel was shared with the entire Mosaic Law family. Toviah’s mother and father, Behnaz (Bebe) and Randy Pollack, wanted the wimpel prayer to be central to the design. It was their wish to present a ‘photo gallery’ to encompass Toviah’s joint family history. The graphic image on the left includes the complete prayer, which reads in English as follows:

May G-d bless this young woman, Toviah, the daughter of Reuven and Malkah, born, with good luck, on 22 Adar 2, 5749, in Sacramento, Ca.. May Ha Shem raise her to the (knowledge) of Torah, (to marry under) the Chuppah and (the doing of) good deeds. Amen selah.

The photograph at the left presents the ‘unfolding’ of the family gallery. Preceding generations on both sides of Toviah’s family are displayed on the right of the wimpel prayer. To the left of the prayer, a birth photo and footprint are included. A copy of Toviah’s birth certificate and Bat Mitzvah invitation follow in chronological order. In keeping with the function of the wimpel, the important occasions that will be celebrated  in Toviah’s future will have adequate space for annotation.

Toviah’s photograph, at right, is copied from her invitation and shows her holding the Torah Scroll. As such, it emphasizes commitment to its meaning in her life. The green and golden path connecting one event to the next, symbolize her movement into the future towards the chuppah (representing a Jewish life within her home) and the continuing performance of good deeds.

Toviah’s mother, Bebe Halimi, holds the wimpel, with her mother- in-law, Roxanne Pollack.

Torah is bound by the parents of Toviah Pollack.

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