The Burton-Melnick wedding ceremony was held on December 23, 2000. The ceremony included wrapping them in their wimpel by both sets of parents. With the performance of this ritual, their parents lend affirmation to their new joint identity in the eyes of Israel and the Jewish community. Before dinner and dancing, instead of encircling their wedding cake with their wimpel , they chose this special placement (see photograph to the left) showing it with wedding pictures of their grandparents. Melissa, once a member of the Mosaic Law family, has taken the custom to West Hollywood, CA., where she and her husband, Steven, reside. They have since had two daughters.

Design surrounding the wimpel text is done with careful placement of symbols relating to different aspects of the prayer. A basic Hebrew script   is utilized, providing strength in its simplicity. Many wimpelin begin with    an unfinished look, as it is with any work in progress. In this case, it  reflects the occasion of this newly married couple. Information is included   regarding the date and location of their marriage, with space left for notation of future simchot.

Wimpel M'Dor L'Dor

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